fire drills

Fire drills – How often?

The frequency of fire drills depends on the type of workplace and its work activities. Most organisations should do two drills per year. But there are some exceptions:

Workplaces that have a number of shifts will need to carry out more drills. In addition, educational premises should carry out fire drills every term. Also workplaces with high risk such as care homes should carry out more fire drills

The purpose of a fire drill is to give fire wardens the chance to practice their role. It is also an opportunity for staff to practice the fire evacuation plan. In addition, it may help point out any changes that need to be made in the fire plan. Lastly it allows you to log a fire drill and provide that you are complying with fire law.

Fire drills – Tips

Tips for effective fire drills include: Do drills at different times of the day. Make one fire exit unusable from time to time. Appoint observers to make notes of any good or bad points. Also, have a debrief with fire wardens after the drill. Lastly, circulate the findings of the fire drill and talk to anyone who acted inappropriately.

Booking a fire warden course

For more details on how to conduct effective fire drills, attend our open fire warden courses London. Alternatively you can book us to provide in house fire warden courses and we will advise you on fire safety best practice.

Booking a fire warden course with us is so easy. Either call us or email us with your preferred date. A booking email will be sent by our team. Simply supply the info we need and agree our terms, Your place is then booked. It really is that easy!

Lastly, some more info about our 3 hour fire warden course. They are held in Southwark College and include a practical session. Remember to wear flat shoes. Bring pens and also note paper. A camera or phone with a camera can be used to take photos of our slides. Tea and coffee and light refreshments are also provided.


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