fire wardens and fire marshals

What is the difference between fire wardens and fire marshals?

What is the difference between fire wardens and fire marshals? This a common question on our courses, so here is a short answer!

The Fire Safety Order requires a responsible person to have suitable plans in place in case of fire in the workplace.

These plans are called fire evacuation plans. The responsible person must have enough trained persons to put the plans into place. These persons are called fire marshals, fire wardens, fire sweepers or any other name!

Government guides often refer to these persons as fire marshals or fire wardens. Other organisations call them different names, Providing all staff know who carries out the fire evacuation plan, the name is unimportant.

Fire wardens and fire marshals – What type of training should they have?

Fire wardens and fire marshals need regular fire training. The training can be carried out in house or also on an open course. They persons should also read and learn about their fire emergency plan. The training should discuss what happens when the fire alarm operates. They also need to know what other persons in the fire plan will do.

In addition to knowing how to get people out of the building, they can also learn about fire safety. For instance, they can learn to look for hazards in the place of work. They can also learn about fire safety checks and help when the checks are carried out.

Fire marshals and fire wardens should also how to have an effective fire drill. In addition, they should learn about disabled fire plans so they can assist disabled buddies to help people from the building.

Other types of training

Online fire training can also be used to train fire wardens and fire marshals. Some online fire training is not suitable on its own. It must always be carried out with info about the fire emergency plan.

Our online fire training packages include fire emergency plans and fire evacuation plans. Either call us or email us for more details.

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