fire warden course London

Fire warden course London

Fire warden course London will be held on 14th March 2019. This approved course with live fire training is for new and also existing fire wardens.

This course is held at Southwark College, so is convenient for all working in central London. The venue is just 40 metres from Southwark tube station, so is easy to find

So what will you learn on this fire warden course London programme?

The course is split into five sessions. Firstly, fire law and also common causes of fire are discussed. The trainer will ask students about their experiences of fire and whether they reacted correctly. Next, classes of fire and also fire extinguishers. We look at the types available and also best ones to use on each class of fire. The everyone’s favourite part! The live fire training exercises where students can put out some real fires. After a short break, the role of fire wardens are then discussed. The following issues are covered:

  • Fire emergency plans
  • Hazard spotting
  • Safety checks
  • Fire drills
  • Evacuation and accounting
  • Roll calls and sweep systems
  • Disabled fire plans
  • Fire warden role
  • General fire safety

Fire warden course London – extra info

Each person on the course will get a training certificate. This fire warden course London is based on government and also fire service guides. Students can ask for online guides for the course.

Tea, coffee and water with light refreshments are also provided. Students should bring a note pad, pen and a phone to take pictures of the course slides. They should also remember to wear flat shoes and also bring a warm coat for the outside session.

Fire warden course London – How to book

Booking a fire warden course London with us is so easy. Pick the course you want to come too and contact us. You can either call or email us. We will send a booking email to you. Supply the info we need and agree our terms. Your course is then confirmed. It really is so easy!

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