fire wardens how many

Fire wardens how many do you need?

Fire wardens how many do you need in your premises?

Fire wardens – So how many do you need in your premises or place of work? Government guidance and also published fire service notes do provide an idea of how many you need.

The exact number of fire wardens will depend on the type of evacuation plan in the building. The types are evacuation plan are usually roll call or sweep system. However, some places of work have a combination of both

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Fire wardens or fire marshals are needed to help with the evacuation plan. Having a plan and also a number of persons to put the plan is a legal requirement .

Most places of work use a sweep system to help evacuate and also account for persons in the building. Each floor will need at least one fire warden and also one deputy. A good way of calculating the number of fire wardens is to get one person to search an entire floor. The person should be timed. If it takes three minutes for one person to search the floor, three fire wardens would be required. In addition, the manager should appoint deputy fire marshals in case of their absence.

If a premises selects the roll call method to account for staff and persons in the building, they will need less fire wardens. However, roll calls are only suitable for places with a small number of staff. They can also be used as an out of hour fire procedure as they may not be enough sweep marshals in the building at all times.

Training for fire wardens

Fire warden training is available through open course and also in house programmes. Both of these types of course can include live fire training.

Booking a course with us is so easy. Either call us or email us and we will talk you through how to book a fire warden course with Fire Training London! Remember, we provide IFSM approved fire warden courses. So you know your staff will get great training, get a certificate and online notes about fire safety in their workplace.

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