Refusing to leave a building

Refusing to leave a building!

Refusing to leave a building where a fire alarm is sounding (workplace) is a rare event. However when it happens, what should fire wardens do?

This advice may help fire wardens and persons in charge of evacuations deal with this occurrences.

This a question we are often asked “If someone is refusing to leave a building what should a fire warden do?”

This is the advice that was issued when we were fire officers:

  • Ask the person who is refusing to leave a building twice.
  • If they still refuse to leave, leave them and carry out with the rest of the search.
  • Once outside at the assembly point, report what has happened to the senior fire warden.
  • The senior fire warden should tell the fire warden to locate a safe distance from the persons nearest fire exit and look to see if they do eventually leave.
  • If a fire has occurred and the fire service as been called, report that the person has refused to leave the building.

Fire warden training – where and how to book

Fire warden training is available as open and in house courses. So if you only need one person trained come to us at Southwark College. Courses are held every month and also include live fire training.

In house course are held at your site. They can also include live fire training exercises if you have a suitable outside space.

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Refusing to leave a building – Any comments?

If you have any comments about this article, please do get in touch. Other suggestions to assist fire wardens are always useful, so can help our students on future courses. Either call us or email us, so that we can hear your view!

Refusing to leave a building

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