Calling the fire service

Calling the fire service

Calling the fire service – do you have procedures?

Calling the fire service is a vital part of any fire emergency plan. This is so that the fire service can respond immediately to any event in a building. A single plan is not usually enough, so better procedures are needed for most premises.

A person / role should be nominated to call the fire service for:

  • Normal hours
  • Lunch times and also tea break times
  • Out of normal working hours
  • Plans for early or late working

London Fire Brigade operate an unwanted fire signal policy. This means that they will not always go to automatic fire alarms in buildings. However, they will always go to buildings with sleeping risks, schools, buildings with a large number of vulnerable persons, buildings with intelligent fire alarms and also where a fire has been confirmed.

A 2018 London Fire brigade report detailed that 70% of fire deaths were as a result of delays in calling the fire service. Therefore it is vital to have plans in place to identify if there is a fire and to call the fire service .

Calling the fire service – who should do it?

A nominated person or role should call the fire service. For example the receptionist, security or facilities manager may be appointed. In addition, adequate arrangements should be made for out of hours. For example the fire person into the building may be appointed to call the fire service prior to 0800 hours (if this is the normal start time for regular employees).

Whoever is in charge of the evacuation, should always ask the question if the fire service have been called if they are a nominated premises (see above) or if the fire has been confirmed.

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Calling the fire service

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