Fire extinguisher training London April

Fire extinguisher training London April courses

Fire extinguisher training London April 15th 2021

Fire extinguisher training London April 24th 2019 course will take place at London Scottish House, Horseferry Road. This is a morning course and also includes a live fire training exercise.

Places on this course is limited so early booking is advised to ensure your places.

The fire extinguisher training London April course is in three sessions. Firstly, we discuss the Fire Safety Order, common causes of fire and also some case histories. Secondly, we look at classes of fire and also types of fire extinguisher. Lastly, we go outside and tackle some small fires with our fire training rig. Staff get the chance to fight fires with water, foam and CO2 extinguishers. Wet Chemical extinguishers are also used if we have kitchen staff on the course.

Each person on the course will get a certificate and also online training notes on request. A common question on this course is “How long does the certificate last?” The frequency of fire training will depend on the level of risk in the workplace. So some persons may have to do fire extinguisher training every year, whilst others may do training every two or three years.

How to book fire extinguisher training London April course

Booking a course with us is so easy. Either email us or call us and we will send our booking email. Simply supply the info we need and also agree our terms and conditions. Once we have your info, your course is booked, it really is that easy.

Further info

The course will be held at London Scottish House which is a short distance from St James’s tube station. Light refreshments are supplied before the course and after the end of the fire extinguisher course.

Note that this course is run in conjunction with our fire marshal course. The attendees of the fire marshal course will stay for a further two sessions after the fire extinguisher course has been completed.

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