Fire warden training London May

Fire warden training London May date

Fire warden training London May date

Our Fire warden training London May 14th 2019 course is an approved programme. The course will take place at Southwark College. This session is already 50% subscribed, so early booking is advised.

The fire warden training London May includes a live fire training exercise, so staff can tackle real fires while being aided by our trainers. Persons on the course will also get a training certificate and also online training notes on request.

Fire warden training London May course content

The course will be divided into five sections:

The first section discusses fire law, common causes of fire and also some case histories. Secondly, we look at classes of fire and also fire extinguishers. Next, we go outside and tackle some small fires using our extinguishers. After a short break, it is back to the classroom to look at the role of fire wardens. First, we look at non-emergency roles of fire wardens. This includes fire emergency plans, hazard spotting, maintenance of equipment and also fire drills. Lastly, we look at what happens when there is a fire. This includes evacuation, accounting and also disabled procedures as well as many other issues.

The venue

The venue is a new and vibrant college building in Southwark. It is a short walk across the road from Southwark tube station. This new building has a number of facilities that our students can use.

Tea, coffee and also light refreshments are available before and during our course.

Booking a course

Booking a course with us is so easy. Either email or phone us with your request, we will send a booking email and ask for some info and also agree our terms.

Once we have heard from you your course is booked. It really is so easy!

Fire warden training London May

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