our next extinguisher courses

Our next extinguisher courses

Our next extinguisher courses will be held at Southwark College, Waterloo, London. Dates are 13th February, 18th March and also 23rd April 2020.

This popular course also include a live fire extinguisher session.

What will you learn?

The first session talks briefly about fire law, common causes of fire and some case histories. The second lesson looks at classes of fire and types of extinguishers are discussed, Finally, its outside for a live fire extinguisher session.

Using an LPG training rig and also a range of extinguishers, persons on the course will tackle small fires aided by instructors.

The extinguishers used are: water spray, water jet and also water mist. Next foam extinguisher spray extinguishers and also CO2 extinguishers. Wet Chemical extinguishers are used if there are catering staff on the course.

What to bring

Persons on our next extinguisher courses should wear casual clothes and also flat shoes. Pens and note paper will be useful but students can take photos of presentation slides.

Certificates and online training notes(on request) are supplied after the course.

How to book our next extinguisher courses

Booking courses is so easy! Either email or call us with your preferred date. An email will be sent asking for information and also to agree our terms. Once the info is returned the course places are booked! It really is so easy.

How to find us on our next extinguisher courses

Joining instructions are sent to the manager booking the course. This gives clear instructions how to find us.

The venue is Southwark College which is across the road from Southwark tube station. This station can be found on the Jubilee line. Bus services are available in The Cut. Please refer to TFL for details of bus routes.

What are you waiting for?

These courses are very popular and always sell out. Book now to secure your course places for the best extinguisher training you have ever had!

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