Online fire training

Online fire training

Online fire training

Online fire training can be a simple and also quick way for staff to carry out fire training. However, some fire services may think that some online fire courses are not suitable and sufficient because it is not about the workplace.

All fire training should be about the workplace, fire plans and also evacuation plans. Therefore for online fire courses to be considered suitable, the courses must be about the workplace or additional training is needed for staff.

There are some ways that can be used, helping managers and staff save time and also insuring that fire the safety law requirements are met! For example City Fire Training offer three types of online fire course:

Online fire training options with CFT

Option 1 includes selecting a general fire course or fire marshal course. These are completed in 30 mins to 1 hour and also provide certificates when done. These course must also be completed with a session on the workplace fire emergency plan. The online training and in house fire emergency plan session should be entered into the fire log book.

Option 2 is a tailored version of CFT’s general fire course and also fire marshal courses. A website that can only be used by a workplaces staff is produced and staff will complete the appropriate course. Two more lessons are added to the online course that detail the fire plan and also fire evacuation plans. This makes the online fire training course suitable and sufficient.

Option 3 is a bespoke version of CFT’s courses. These can be filmed to match risks and issues in the workplace. Six lessons are made for a bespoke website that can only be used by a workplaces staff. Four of the lessons are filmed at the premises using a workplaces staff and a further two written lessons detailing the fire plan and also evacuation plans are added.

For more details

Managers can get more info by either calling or emailing City Fire Training on 0207 419 5001. More details are also on the CFT website. Follow the links for more information.

In house and open fire courses

If online training is not for you, we can carry out easy training options. Pick from open courses held monthly at Southwark College. Managers can also opt for in house courses where training can be tailored to your workplace.

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