Fire marshal training latest news

Fire marshal training latest news

Fire marshal training latest news

Fire marshal training latest news – Our open course programme in London is currently suspended due to the Corona virus outbreak. However, we are still providing some in house courses so staff can be trained.

In addition, we have fire risk assessment appointments and inspections. These are also going ahead until Government guidance indicates otherwise.

If you have booked and we have cancelled courses

Clients on our open courses will be offered the first available spaces as soon as we re-open. In addition, we will be adding new courses for those who have programmed training but have been prevented by the current situation.

If clients do not want to wait for new courses, we also offer a full refund if our invoice has been paid.

Can we re-book training dates?

Yes clients can re-book courses. If the course is still not possible we will change dates again. All of this is done at no cost to our clients.

Fire marshal training latest news – Any other options?

Online fire marshal training is a good option provided it also supported by reading a workplace fire emergency plan.

Our online training course is based on our face to face training so can be followed easily. The course takes about one hour to complete and costs just £20+vat per person. Persons carrying out the course can also access the training package for up to a year. Therefore they can do the course at the end of the year and get another 12 months fire marshal training cover. Either call us or email us for more details.

Do you have any questions for us?

The corona virus will probably take some time to subside! So why not contact us with your questions. We will answer them for you during our daily blog posts.

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