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Fire door survey – Do you need one?

Fire door survey – Two reasons why you may need one!

Fire door survey – Do you need one? There are two reasons why you may need to have a fire door survey: a) Most fire risk assessments do not provide in depth detail about why a fire door may fail. b) A new Fire Safety Act is likely to come into force in April 2021 placing responsibilities on landlords and managing agents to ensure fire doors are up to current standards

What is a fire door survey?

A fire door surveyor will look at the door in detail. He/she will inspect:

  • The type of door and also what material it is made from. For example, it be either a 3) minute or 60 minute fire door – FD30 or FD60. It may also not be a fire door despite having closers and other features that suggest it is fire rated.
  • Is the frame in good order?
  • The structure of the door. For example; is it good order and state of repair also has the frame been filled with the correct fire resisting foams.
  • Does the fire door closer work?
  • Are the fire strips and also seals in place?
  • Do the hinges fit correctly and also are they in good repair and comply with BS / CE standards.
  • Are the gaps between the door and frame / seals to big?
  • Is the glass fitted in the door fire rated and also does the glass have marks confirming this?
  • Fire door labelling or certification.
  • The assessor should also look at the surrounding area and any other features that might affect the door. For example: Hold open devices fitted, the area above the door such as ceiling tiles.

Finding an assessor

Finding a certified assessor with good fire safety knowledge is essential. Our fire door assessors have all spent a minimum of thirty years in the fire service. They have also worked in fire safety departments, spending many years inspecting workplace and residential buildings.

Always speak to the fire door assessor before engaging there services. Make sure they have a good understanding of fire safety. Selecting a fire door surveyor from a construction background may mean they lack basic fire safety knowledge.

To discuss a fire door survey in your building, either phone us or email us now.

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