fire doors save lives

Fire doors save lives

Fire doors save lives

Fire doors save lives! All managers understand the need for fire safety, have fire risk assessments, plans and also fire training. However, one of the most common things found on a fire service audit is ineffective fire doors or the misuse of fire doors!

Few managers understand that each misuse of a fire door or problem with is an individual breach of the Fire Safety Order. In the event of an actual fire in a building, any such issue with doors could be considered to be an offence!

Fire doors save lives – fire door survey

Whilst fire risk assessments need to be carried out regularly and also after significant changes to the workplace, they do not usually provide substantial information about any door that is ineffective.

A fire door survey, will identify a number of features, so will help managers plan to bring doors up to a “pass” standard.

Surveys include the following:

  • Any door identification and also door numbers (if present)
  • Any Barcodes or stickers on the door
  • The fire door rating i.e. FD30
  • The location of the door
  • What the door is made of
  • What the frame is made of
  • The dimensions of the fire door
  • Has the frame of the door passed?
  • Have the hinges passed and also are the CE marked?
  • Have any locks fitted passed?
  • Is the glass fitted (if any) fire rated?
  • Are the seals in good condition?
  • Does the self closer close effectively?
  • Has the structure of the door passed?
  • Is the door marked with the correct signage?
  • Are the gaps between doors and frames within the permitted size?
  • Has the door passed the inspection?

In addition, the assessor will provide any other relevant information about the door. Photos of faults are also take so that managers can easily spot any faults.

What else can managers do?

Fire training is a requirement in all workplaces. This includes the content of the fire emergency plan and can also include significant findings of the fire risk assessment. Good trainers will help staff understand why fire doors are so important and why fire doors save lives!


Booking fire door surveys and training

Booking a fire door survey or training is so easy. Either call us or email us with your requirements and preferred dates. Once we have agreed a date, we ask for some info and also for you to agree our terms and conditions. Once we have your details, your visit is booked!