fire extinguisher training covid

Fire extinguisher training Covid

Fire extinguisher training Covid

Fire extinguisher training Covid. With many staff now working at home, this has meant that there not less staff in the workplace. Fire evacuation plans and procedures need to be changed to reflect lower numbers. This will also include checking who has had fire extinguisher training.

Fire safety law and also Government guidance require all persons to be trained in the fire safety measures in their workplace. If there are lower numbers in the building, this may mean that there are fewer who have had hands-on fire extinguisher training.

So what would persons learn on our fire extinguisher courses?

Firstly, we take a look at why fire extinguisher training is so important. This includes what are the common causes of fire in workplaces and also some case histories.

Next, the types of fire are discussed. Our trainers will concentrate on the type of fire you could have in your building, so that the training is specific to your staff.

The last classroom session looks at the type of extinguishers in your workplace and also some top tips before using, during and after you have used extinguishers on a fire.

If you have opted for a practical session, we will then go outside. We will tackle some small fires using the fire training rig. The trainers need an outside space which is about 5 car parking spaces in size. It must not be visible from a roadway or accessible by the public. It must also not be near an air intake or flammable source. Lastly, it must be on land that you control and not on a public space.

How to book

Booking a training course with us is so easy. Either call us or email us with the best dates for you. Once a date is agreed, we will send an email asking for info and also to agree our terms. Once we have heard from you, your training is booked!

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