school fire extinguisher training

School fire extinguisher training

School fire extinguisher training

School fire extinguisher training is available as inset days, morning, afternoon and also twilight sessions. Includes live fire exercises for groups of up to twenty persons.

Fire training is a legal requirement for all workplaces. This should be carried out regularly, so is often part of a school inset briefing. To ensure school managers cover all issues, a bespoke fire training session is a perfect way to make sure your plans work!

So what does a school fire training session cover? As well as, live fire extinguisher training, the fire safety for school course includes the following:

  • Fire safety law, common causes of fire and also some case histories.
  • Classes of fire and also all types of fire extinguishers.
  • Practical session for key staff.
  • Fire emergency plans. In addition, we cover your plan and suggest improvements so you comply with the law.
  • Hazard spotting.
  • Maintenance checks and how all staff can help.
  • Fire drills in schools.
  • Rolls calls including normal hours and also pre post day plans.
  • Sweep system. Why a sweep can assist as part of the evacuation plan.
  • Disabled fire procedures.
  • Other school events including sports days, parents evening and also school plays etc
  • General evacuation advice.

This course is an IFSM accredited fire training course. As an approved fire training centre, we can adapt your course to include your specific fire training plans.

Booking courses

Booking a school fire extinguisher training sessions and other school course is so easy! First, pick your preferred dates. Try to do this as early as you can, so you can be sure of getting into our diary! Either email or call us and once we have agreed the date, we will send a booking email. Provide the info we need and also agree our terms. As soon as we have heard from you – your course is booked!

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