fire door surveys

Fire door surveys

Fire door surveys

Fire door surveys! Do you really need one? Fire doors are examined in a fire risk assessment and may highlight some small deficiencies. However, this type of inspection is not a thorough look at each door and if there are too many problems with the doors, a general note will be submitted. So if you have concerns about the fire doors or a fire risk assessor has highlighted major issues, a fire door survey should be undertaken.

Not every door is a fire door! In addition, some doors may be marked as fire doors that do not need to be to that standard. Fire door surveys help identify which doors need to be to the correct standard.

What does a fire door survey cover?

An accredited door survey will look at the following points:

  • Door identification. This may be an ID number, barcode or also just a number.
  • Which floor the door is located on and also any other location.
  • Door and frame material, the dimensions of the door and also what type of set it is. For example; a single door or a door and a half.
  • What type of fire door it is. For example an FD30 – a 30 minute fire door. Alternatively, it may be passed as a nominal 30 minute fire door. This means, it was originally a fire door but there is no proof of such, It may have also had some remedial fixes to it, so it is no longer door that passed as it left a factory!
  • Does the door frame, hinges, locks, glass, seals, closer, structure, signage and also gaps pass.

The assessor should also take pictures of any faults, so they can easily identified. Lastly, the assessor may offer advice on how to fix the door rather than replace it.

Are fire door surveys expensive?

No. A good assessor will aim to bring the door to a pass standard. The cost of changing a single fire door may cost thousands. Expect to pay around £10-£12 per door for a survey.

Need more info?

Either call or email for more info and also a quote for your survey. Check out this article about fire door surveys.

fire door surveys