fire training corona virus

Fire training – Corona virus

Fire training – corona virus

Fire training corona virus advice: This short guide gives advice on what to do at your workplace during the current pandemic:

Are there less staff in the workplace? No – Continue with current fire evacuation plans and also disabled plans. Yes – Consider changing fire plans. A roll call may be appropriate if there are small numbers of staff.

Are all fire marshals and also fire wardens at work or are they working from home / self isolating? Less fire marshals – Provide some simple in house training for new fire marshals. About the same – Continue as usual, unless there a lot less staff at work, then a roll call may be better.

Are fire safety checks still be carried out? Fire alarms, emergency lighting, extinguishers and also other safety measures are vital to keep those in a building safe. These measures must be maintained and entered into the log book. If the person who normally does this is not at work, alternative requirements will be needed.

Less people at work? Carry out a fire drill, so any new temporary arrangements can be checked to see if they work.

Fire training corona virus – fire safety checks

For more advice about fire safety checks go to our sister website This details a list of fire safety checks and also other advice:

Here are some links to fire safety checks posts:

More info and advice

If you need more advice or information, why not give us a call. We will be happy to answer your calls and also emails. Our team can also look at any plans and procedures you produce.

Need training and don’t feel confident to do it? Why not take a look at our online fire marshal and fire extinguisher courses. Click this link for more details.

Fire marshal training latest news

Fire marshal training latest news

Fire marshal training latest news

Fire marshal training latest news – Our open course programme in London is currently suspended due to the Corona virus outbreak. However, we are still providing some in house courses so staff can be trained.

In addition, we have fire risk assessment appointments and inspections. These are also going ahead until Government guidance indicates otherwise.

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fire extinguisher training near me

Fire extinguisher training near me!

Fire extinguisher training near me!

Fire extinguisher training near me is a very popular term, so lets see if we are near you!

The open fire extinguisher courses are held at Southwark College,25 The Cut, Waterloo, London SE1 8LF. The venue is a very short walk from Southwark tube station, so is very easy to find. In addition, we hold off-site fire extinguisher training at Stratford Circus Arts Centre, so if you are based in East London, training can be held here.

In addition, to open courses and off-site training, fire extinguisher courses can be held at clients sites. This can be with or without live fire extinguisher exercise! So is your fire extinguisher training near me? Yes we can come to your site.

More info about courses

The fire extinguisher training course is split into two or three sessions:

Session one includes fire law, common causes of fire and some case histories.

Session two looks at classes of fire, fire extinguisher theory and also safe use of extinguishers.

Lastly, Session three is a live fire training session or if you do have the space,a short video is shown about how to use fire extinguishers.

All persons on the course get a training certificate and also online notes on request.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is for new and existing staff. Since all persons should be trained in the use of fire fighting equipment in the workplace, this is an ideal programme. Managers can also opt to include fire emergency plan training in their session. This helps meets any legal requirements that managers may have for staff fire training.

How to book fire extinguisher training near me!

Booking a course is so easy. Either email or phone to reserve your place. A booking email will be sent and once you have returned the info we need and also agreed our terms, your course is booked!

our next extinguisher courses

Our next extinguisher courses

Our next extinguisher courses will be held at Southwark College, Waterloo, London. Dates are 13th February, 18th March and also 23rd April 2020.

This popular course also include a live fire extinguisher session.

What will you learn?

The first session talks briefly about fire law, common causes of fire and some case histories. The second lesson looks at classes of fire and types of extinguishers are discussed, Finally, its outside for a live fire extinguisher session.

Using an LPG training rig and also a range of extinguishers, persons on the course will tackle small fires aided by instructors.

The extinguishers used are: water spray, water jet and also water mist. Next foam extinguisher spray extinguishers and also CO2 extinguishers. Wet Chemical extinguishers are used if there are catering staff on the course.

What to bring

Persons on our next extinguisher courses should wear casual clothes and also flat shoes. Pens and note paper will be useful but students can take photos of presentation slides.

Certificates and online training notes(on request) are supplied after the course.

How to book our next extinguisher courses

Booking courses is so easy! Either email or call us with your preferred date. An email will be sent asking for information and also to agree our terms. Once the info is returned the course places are booked! It really is so easy.

How to find us on our next extinguisher courses

Joining instructions are sent to the manager booking the course. This gives clear instructions how to find us.

The venue is Southwark College which is across the road from Southwark tube station. This station can be found on the Jubilee line. Bus services are available in The Cut. Please refer to TFL for details of bus routes.

What are you waiting for?

These courses are very popular and always sell out. Book now to secure your course places for the best extinguisher training you have ever had!

Next fire extinguisher training London courses

Next fire extinguisher training London courses

Next fire extinguisher training London courses

Our next fire extinguisher training London courses will be held on 19th Sept, Oct 17th and also Nov 14th 2019.

The venue will be at Southwark College and courses start at 10 a.m.

Once again, there will be a live fire session, so persons on the course can tackle real fires with an extinguisher.

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