fire extinguisher training November

Fire extinguisher training November

Fire extinguisher training November dates

Fire extinguisher training November dates can now be booked for on-site and also off-site training.

Have your staff have not had fire extinguisher training in the last year? The you should consider refresher training. Our courses can be delivered as classroom sessions and also include live fire training.

Fire extinguisher training November options

Our team can supply fire extinguisher training November sessions in different ways. Courses can run as classroom only , with classroom/ practical sessions and also short outside practical sessions only.

Persons on the course will receive an attendance certificate (up to max of 20 persons). For courses with more than 20 persons the organisation will receive a general training certificate.

How to book

Booking a course is so easy. Either email or call us with your preferred date. Once we have agreed a date and you also have sent your details and agreed our terms – your course is booked!

IFSM accredited training

City Fire Training is an accredited fire training provider. Therefore our courses can be changed to include plans and procedures.

The trainers are all fire service training and fire inspector personnel. With many years experience of fire fighting, fire safety visits and also fire training, CFT are perfect for your staff fire training needs.

fire extinguisher training near me

Fire extinguisher training near me!

Fire extinguisher training near me!

Fire extinguisher training near me is a very popular term, so lets see if we are near you!

The open fire extinguisher courses are held at Southwark College,25 The Cut, Waterloo, London SE1 8LF. The venue is a very short walk from Southwark tube station, so is very easy to find. In addition, we hold off-site fire extinguisher training at Stratford Circus Arts Centre, so if you are based in East London, training can be held here.

In addition, to open courses and off-site training, fire extinguisher courses can be held at clients sites. This can be with or without live fire extinguisher exercise! So is your fire extinguisher training near me? Yes we can come to your site.

More info about courses

The fire extinguisher training course is split into two or three sessions:

Session one includes fire law, common causes of fire and some case histories.

Session two looks at classes of fire, fire extinguisher theory and also safe use of extinguishers.

Lastly, Session three is a live fire training session or if you do have the space,a short video is shown about how to use fire extinguishers.

All persons on the course get a training certificate and also online notes on request.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is for new and existing staff. Since all persons should be trained in the use of fire fighting equipment in the workplace, this is an ideal programme. Managers can also opt to include fire emergency plan training in their session. This helps meets any legal requirements that managers may have for staff fire training.

How to book fire extinguisher training near me!

Booking a course is so easy. Either email or phone to reserve your place. A booking email will be sent and once you have returned the info we need and also agreed our terms, your course is booked!

Next fire extinguisher training London dates

Next fire extinguisher training London dates

Next fire extinguisher training London dates

Our next fire extinguisher training London dates will be held on July 16th, August 15th and also September 19th 2019. The course will be held at Southwark College, 25 The Cut, Waterloo, London.

This course includes a live fire extinguisher training session, so your staff will be able to tackle small fires on this course.

Booking our next fire extinguisher training London dates

Booking our courses is so easy! Either email us or phone us with your preferred date. We will send a booking email asking for organisation information and also ask you to agree our terms. Once we have heard from you,your course is booked! An invoice will then sent to you or sent according to your instructions. Joining instructions will be sent seven to ten days before the course date.

Before the course

Managers will be sent joining instructions on how to find us. Persons on the course should wear comfortable clothes and also flat shoes. In addition, we recommend that persons on the course bring paper and pens. If you have a mobile phone, you can also take photos of our slides.

After the course

A certificate of attendance will given to the attendee or sent to their manager. In addition, we can also send online training notes to persons on the course on request.

live fire extinguisher training

Live fire extinguisher training

Live fire extinguisher training can be carried out at workplaces. Outside fire extinguisher sessions need careful management, so this is what we need to carry one out.

First of all we need a space of about five or six car parking spaces. In addition, the space needs to be away from a main road. It also should not be close to flammable, combustible sources and any air intakes.

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