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Fire Extinguisher Courses

Fire extinguisher training in London - Open courses - £60 + VAT per person  

In house fire extinguisher courses London from £395+vat or £695+vat for courses with live fire extinguisher training

In house and off site fire extinguisher courses now available

  • 25th May 2022 a.m. course
    Good availability
  • 23rd June 2022 a.m. course
    Good availability
  • 27th July 2022 a.m. course
    Good availability
  • 25th August 2022 a.m. course
    Good availability
  • Venue - London Scottish House
    £60+vat per person

Need fire extinguisher training?

Open  fire extinguisher courses London with  live fire extinguisher training for new and also existing staff.

In house courses can also include live fire extinguisher exercises, so staff can practice putting out real fires.  The course can also include tailored fire emergency plans and hazard spotting so the training is about individual workplaces!

fire extinguisher training london syllabus

  • Fire law, common causes of fire and also case histories
  • Classes of fire 
  • Fire extinguishers - operation and limitations (including jets / sprays and other fire extinguishers)
  • Safety tips when using fire extinguishers
  • Video presentation or live fire exercises (optional extra)


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fire extinguishers do we use during a practical fire extinguisher exercise?

Four types if fire extinguisher are used on practical training sessions:

Water - The trainers will simulate a waste paper bin fire and invite attendees to prepare the extinguisher for use and also tackle the fire.

Foam - A fuel fire is simulated and trainers will also ask for more volunteers to prepare the extinguisher and tackle the fire.

Wet Chemical - A cooking oil fire is simulated and kitchen staff will be asked to prepare the extinguisher and tackle the fire assisted by the trainers.


CO2 - An electrical fire is simulated and the trainers will ask for persons on the course to prepare, test and tackle the fire whilst being assisted by the trainers.

An LPG fire training rig is used which is monitored by an addition CFT member of staff.

Do all of our employees require training in how to use a fire extinguisher?

All persons in a workplace must be trained in the use of fire extinguishers, however there is no requirement for live fire training.


Does Fire Training London supply the fire extinguishers on an in house fire course in London?

Fire training London carry four types of extinguisher for in house course. In addition, an environmentally fire training rig is used for the training. Prior to any exercises, a risk assessment of the training area is carried out. We reserve the right to cancel any practical exercise if there are any unsafe conditions and also adverse weather permits safe operation.

Our building does not have a suitable space for a live fire training. What can your company do for us?

Our teams can provide a non fire demo practical session:

  • We will discuss how to remove the tag and pin correctly.
  • Testing the extinguishers before use.
  • How to hold the fire extinguisher.
  • How to use the fire extinguisher.

Attendees can learn how easy it is to get an extinguisher to work. We recommend this type of demo if you cannot have a live fire demo.

Alternatively, we do hold open fire extinguisher courses London every month. All attendees can fight a fire using our fire extinguishers if they choose to do so. Your company can also book our venue to carry out a training course specifically for your staff.

In addition, we provide e learning fire safety courses. These follow our in house session, so may be ideal so your staff. You can select from our off the peg courses or ask us to provide tailored or bespoke e learning for your site.

Either call or email us for details.

What topics are covered on an open fire extinguisher course in London?

Fire Training London open fire extinguisher courses  London are in three sessions:

  1. Fire law, common causes of fire, case histories, general fire precautions, how fire spreads, speed of fire in buildings.

  2. Types and classes of fire, safe operation of fire extinguishers, safety tips.

  3. Video or also further discussion. Practical exercise (optional extra) providing there is a safe space for session.
How often should staff be trained in the use of fire extinguishers?

This will depend on the findings the fire risk assessment and fire emergency plan. If the building is high risk or there is a high turnover of staff, then fire extinguisher training should be more frequent. If the building is low risk and has small numbers of staff there may be a case for less frequent fire training.

Many of our clients train staff every 1 or 2 years.

Either call us or email us for more advise. Alternatively come on one of our open courses for more info. We will refund your open course fee if you book an in house course within three months of attending the course.

Should we consider a non fire extinguisher use policy?

Some workplaces have this policy to minimise any risk to staff. They may take the view that the fire service will be able to respond quickly and also extinguish any fire. However, fires can spread very quickly and a small fire will quickly become a large fire. This may cause business disruption and also other problems. At Fire Training London, we believe that trained staff can recognise small types of fire and the correct type of extinguisher and can safely extinguish very small fires.

We train persons to recognise types of fire and extinguishers and also be aware of their own limitations. If a person has practised on a small controlled training fire they will have more confidence in tackling a real fire.

Do we have to have a practical fire extinguisher session? We do not have a place to carry this out as we are in a high rise building.

There is no requirement to carry out a practical fire extinguisher session but if you are able to do so it can be very beneficial for staff. Fire Training London does provide open fire extinguisher courses London and all attendees can take part in a practical fire extinguisher session and put out a small fire.

In addition, we are able to carry out off site fire training with practical extinguisher sessions at our training venue. These spaces are strictly limited so book early to get your date! These courses are currently held at London Scottish House. Our other venues Southwark College and Stratford Circus Arts Centre are currently suspended due to the COVID 19 crisis.

Can Fire Training London provide fire extinguisher training with a practical exercise for all of my staff at your training venue?

Yes we can provide fire extinguisher training  London at our venue. There is an additional fee to hire the room on top of our training fees. Our training rooms take up to 18 persons (smaller room) or 100 persons (larger rooms). We also recommend that no more than 15 - 20 persons take part in a live fire session. Therefore if you have a large number of persons, break up the day up into smaller sessions.

We currently use London Scottish House for practical fire training. Southwark College and Stratford Circus Arts Centre are currently suspended as venues. 

Do all staff attending a fire extinguisher course in London receive a certificate?

Yes. All persons get a training certificate of on our open fire extinguisher courses London. If you have less than twenty one persons on an in house course they will also get a certificate. If you have more than twenty persons on your course we will provide a general certificate for your records.

You may also elect to have a hard copy of your training certificate or have a PDF version sent to you by email.

Note: Our fire certificates do not have an expiry date. The frequency of training will depend on the type of workplace and also the level of risk in the building. You can either call us or email us for more information.

Do you carry water mist fire extinguishers and can we use them on your course?

Yes we do discuss water mist fire extinguishers on our open and also on in house fire extinguisher courses. We also have a small number of water mist fire extinguishers for the practical session. These can be used by staff who have water mist fire extinguishers on their sites.

For more details about water mist fire extinguishers either call or email us now.

Can we train a small number of persons three or four times a year?

Yes. Send persons on our open fire extinguisher courses in London. These are held every one month at our London venue.

This website and also our blog details dates of each course.

Either call or email us for more details.


Do we all get the chance to use a fire extinguisher on the open course?

Yes. All persons on the open course can tackle a small fire using an extinguisher. 


Do you travel to other parts of the country?

Yes we travel all over the country. We also provide fire risk assessments and fire plans to organisations outside London.

Either call or email us for more details.

Where is the venue for you open fire extinguisher courses?

Our venue for open fire extinguisher training courses is Southwark College. This is just 50 metres from Southwark tube station, so is easy for persons who have access to the Jubilee line.

Open courses are held each month and we also have a number of dates available for those who need practical fire training but do not have an outside space. These spaces are strictly limited so early booking is needed!

Our fire training course will be held in a downstairs meeting room. Come early for tea / coffee and also biscuits!

How long does the course last?

The course is 1.5 hours long, so is quick for busy workers.

After the course you can also stay for tea or coffee and chat to our staff.

We can also shorten the course if it is held in house.