Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Courses

Open courses - £60 + VAT per person - Course includes live fire extinguisher training 

In house fire extinguisher courses London from £345+vat or £545+vat for courses with live fire extinguisher training

Upcoming Courses

  • Lewisham Southwark College
    14th March 2019
  • Lewisham Southwark College
    24th April 2019
  • Lewisham Southwark College
    14th May 2019
  • Lewisham Southwark College
    19th June 2019

Need fire extinguisher training?

Our open and in house fire extinguisher courses London are suitable for people with or without previous extinguisher experience.

This course can include a live fire training exercise. We can also include your fire emergency plans so it is tailored to your workplace!

fire extinguisher training london syllabus

  • Introduction to fire safety in workplaces
  • Types of fire (British Standard classification of fires)
  • Types of fire extinguisher in the workplace (including jets / sprays and specialist fire extinguishers)
  • Maintenance and checking requirements / siting of fire extinguishers
  • Safe use of fire extinguishers
  • Fire extinguisher dvd presentation or.....
  • Fire extinguisher practical hands on exercise (optional extra)

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fire extinguishers do we use during a practical fire extinguisher exercise?

We use three types of extinguishers on both our open fire extinguisher courses London and in house fire extinguisher training London practical sessions. Staff will have the opportunity of practising with water spray, foam spray and CO2 fire extinguishers.

Do all of our employees require training in how to use a fire extinguisher?

The Government has produced a number of workplace guidance notes to help managers with the Fire Safety Order 2005. All workplace guides clearly state the information that should be taught to all employees and volunteers. This includes the the use and location of fire extinguishers. However, there is no requirement to take part in a practical fire extinguisher training exercise.


Does Fire Training London supply the fire extinguishers on an in house fire course in London?

Yes. We provide practice fire extinguishers for your in house fire extinguisher courses London. If you have an outside space, our trainers can also provide live fire training using a fire training rig.If you do not have a suitable space, we may be able to carry out a non fire demo. If we are unable to provide a practical demo, we use a fire extinguisher video.

Our building does not have a suitable space for a live fire extinguisher exercise, but do want some form of practical fire extinguisher course in London. What can your company do for us?

Our teams can provide a non fire demo practical session:

  • We will discuss how to remove the tag and pin correctly.
  • The correct method of testing the extinguishers.
  • The correct method to hold the fire extinguisher.
  • How to direct fire fighting media at a range of fires etc.

Attendees can learn how easy it is to get an extinguisher to work. We recommend this type of demo if an organisation cannot have a live fire demo.

Alternatively, we do hold regular open fire extinguisher courses London. All attendees can tackle a fire using our fire extinguishers if they choose to do so. Your company can also book our venue to carry out a training course specifically for your staff. Call us for full details.

What topics are covered on an open fire extinguisher course in London?

Fire Training London open fire extinguisher courses  London are split into three sessions. The first session is a fire awareness session showing how quickly fires can spread in buildings. This session will assist attendees in understanding how and when it is safe to tackle a fire with an extinguisherg. The second session includes classes of fire and what the best fire extinguisher for each class is. The session includes an overview of all of the key features of each fire extinguisher. In addition, the session includes  information about fire extinguisher maintenance and safety tips for the use of fire extinguishers. The last session is everyone's favourite! This is a practical session and each attendee will have the opportunity of tackling a fire on our rig. We are one of the few  providers that provide a practical session on  open courses.

This course was originally developed for fire service partners. We delivered fire service fire training courses for a leading fire authority. We have now updated this course to ensure it provides a cost effective solution for workplaces.

How often should staff be trained in the use of fire extinguishers?

This will depend on the findings of your buildings fire risk assessment and the organisational fire emergency plan. If the buiding is high risk or there is a high turnover of staff, then fire extinguisher training should be more frequent. If the building is low risk and has small numbers of staff there may be a case for less frequent fire training.

Many of our clients train staff every 1 or 2 years.

Should we consider a non fire extinguisher use policy?

A few organisations have adopted this policy as they wish to minimise any risk to their staff. They probably take the view that the fire service will be able to respond quickly and extinguish any fire. However, fires often spread very quickly and a small fire will become large in a short space of time. This could cause massive business diruption and cause other problems. At Fire Training London, we believe that properly trained staff who are able to recognise small types of fire and the correct type of extinguisher can safely extinguish very small fires as they start without any significant risk.

We train persons to recognise types of fire and extinguishers and also be aware of their own limitations. If a person has practised on a small controlled training fire they will have more confidence in tackling any real blaze should it occur.

Do we have to have a practical fire extinguisher session? We do not have a place to carry this out as we are in a high rise building.

There is no requirement to carry out a practical fire extinguisher session but if you are able to do so it can be very beneficial for staff. Fire Training London does provide open fire extinguisher courses London and all attendees can take part in a practical fire extinguisher session and put out a small fire.

Can Fire Training London provide fire extinguisher training with a practical exercise for all of my staff at your training venue?

Yes we can provide fire extinguisher training  London at our training venue. There is an additional fee to high the training facility on top of our training fees. Our training rooms take up to 20 persons (smaller room) or 100 persons (larger rooms). We recommend that no more than 15 - 20 persons take part in a practical fire extinguisher session, so if you have a large number of persons to train, you may wish to break up the day up into smaller sessions.

Do all staff attending a fire extinguisher course in London receive a certificate?

Yes. All of course attendees will receive a certificate of attendance on our open fire extinguisher courses London. If you have less than thirty persons on your own in house course they will also each receive a certificate. If you have more than thirty attend your course we will provide an open certificate that covers all of your attending staff.

You may elect to have a hard copy of your training certificate or have a PDF version sent to you electronically.

Do you carry water mist fiire extinguishers and can we use them on your course?
Yes we do discuss water mist fire extinguishers on our open and in house fire extinguisher courses. We also have a small number of water mist fire extinguishers for use in the practical session. These can be used by staff from organisations who have water mist fire extinguishers on their sites.

For more details about water mist fire extinguishers either call or email us now.

Can we train a small number of persons three or four times a year?

Many companies cannot have a single fire training session as this can cause too much disruption. You can send persons on our open fire extinguisher courses in London. These are held every one or two months depending on demand and the time of year.

Although many organisations feel that a one-off course can cause too much disruption, we do offer early riser training and twilight training, so that all staff can be provided with training at the same time.

Remember our open courses do provide a practical session, but we can only do a practical fire extinguisher session in house if you have an appropriate outside space to carry out the training.

Do we all get the chance to use a fire extinguisher on the open course?
Yes. All persons attending the open course will get the chance to tackle a small fire using an extinguisher. We sometimes have a lot of people on these courses. If you booked your course close to the day of the course, we may have to ask you to take part in our second practical session. The first one is held between Lessons 2 and 3, The the second pracctial session is held at the end of the course.
Do you travel to other parts of the country?
Yes we do travel to other parts of the country to carry out staff fire training. If it is near London our fees will be the same, but if there significant travel issues, we may need to charge a supplement to carry out your training course.
Where is the venue for you open fire extinguisher courses?
Our venue for open fire extinguisher training courses is Lewisham Southwark College. This is just 50 metres from Southwark tube station, so is very convenient for persons who access to the Julbilee line.

Our fire training course will be held in the downstairs meeting room and all College Reception staff will be there to meet you and direct your staff to the fire training.