Fire warden courses

Fire warden training London open courses - £75 + VAT per person - Course includes live fire extinguisher training 

In house fire warden training from £395+vat or £695+vat for courses with live fire extinguisher training

In house and off site courses now available

  • 25th May 2022 a.m. course
    Good availability
  • 23rd June 2022 a.m. course
    Good availability
  • 27th July 2022 a.m. course
    Good availability
  • 25th August 2022 a.m. course
    Good availability
  • Venue - London Scottish House
    £75+vat per person

Need fire warden training London?

Open and in house courses are ideal for new and existing fire wardens.

This course can include a live fire training exercise. We can also include your fire emergency plans so it is tailored to your workplace!

Fire warden courses London syllabus

  • Causes of fire
  • Case histories
  • Classes of fire
  • Types of extinguishers
  • Fire extinguisher exercise.
  • Proactive fire warden duties
  • Fire emergency plans
  • Hazard spotting
  • Hazard spotting and safety checks of workplaces.
  • Fire drills
  • Safety checks in the workplace
  • Reactive fire safety duties of fire wardens
  • Roll calls and sweep methods of evacuation
  • How to open doors safely
  • Identifying where a fire is in a building
  • Evacuating disabled persons 
  • General evacuation advice
  • What to do after your fire warden course

Frequently Asked Questions about fire warden training London

How long does the fire warden course last?

Our open fire warden course in London is a three hour programme. The course is in five parts: An introduction including law; fire extinguisher theory and also practical session;  wardens daily duties / safety checks and emergency plans session.

In house fire warden training in London can be adapted to suit a workplaces needs. Course is three hours but some changes can be made to shorten it.


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When is your next fire warden course in London?

CFT hold open fire warden training London courses every month. Open courses are also available as morning or afternoon courses occasionally.

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Do you provide fire warden training in London on Saturdays?

Yes. We do provide in house fire warden training London courses on Saturdays. 

City Fire Training limit Saturday courses to one team, so provision of this service is limited. We advise, clients requiring Saturday training or fire risk assessments to book early to ensure they secure availability.

Our fees for Saturday training on the same as our regular prices. You may place as many persons on the courses as you wish.

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Fire wardens - How many does our workplace require?

The number of fire wardens will be based on a number of issues.

These will include:

  • What type of workplace?
  • What work is carried out in the premises?
  • Is there a high level of risk in the building?
  • Are the staff are employed on shift work?
  • How many floors in the building
  • How big is the building
  • The type of evacuation strategy and accounting procedure in place 

We consider that you will need one fire warden for every one minute of search time in a building ( fire service booklet advice ). There should be deputy fire wardens in place in the event that there are no available fire wardens to implement any fire evacuation procedures.

Many of our delegates come to our public training courses to learn more about the roles and duties of fire wardens, evacuation and accounting strategies that can be employed in a workplace. Our fire warden training courses provide full details of what you will need to ensure that your organisation meets its statutory requirements under the Fire Safety Order 2005.

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How frequently should fire wardens receive fire warden training?

The frequency of fire warden training London/ fire marshal courses in London will depend on a number of issues. It will depend on the level of risk and type of hazards in the premises, staff turnover, the type of building and workplace and the findings of the fire risk assessment.

The following examples are from companies who attend our fire warden training London programme:  Company A has just 30 employees and is based in a large five storey Georgian building. There are two means of escape and staff who are based in the building tend to work for the organisations for many years. Company B are a small retail group with a number of small / medium ground floor outlets (approx 15 staff in each outlet). There is a high turnover of staff (students etc). Company C are based on the top two floors of a large six storey building which has on going building development. They have a moderate turnover of staff.

There is a good case for regular fire warden training for each business. However as "A" have a small number of staff who are familiar with the building they may need less regular training particularly as the fire wardens have been in post for many years. Company B has 15 staff but they do not all work on the same shift. This means all should be available to help customers from the buildings. They need frequent fire warden training. Company C are working in a high risk building due to the mixed tenancy and building works. They should have frequent fire warden training.

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Should employees and volunteers receive training in fire procedures and if so how often?

The frequency of staff fire training will depend on the significant findings of the fire risk assessment and also the fire emergency plan. If the workplace is high risk or has a high turnover of employees, then fire safety training should be carried out often. Buildings that have low risk or where staff may have worked for some time / received regular fire training in the past could train less often. If you book your staff on one of our open fire warden training  London courses or an in house fire training course, we will happily advise them on the frequency of fire safety training and other essential fire safety requirements.

Fire wardens require more frequent fire training than regular staff. They will need to receive detailed information about the building fire evacuation strategy, how persons react during a fire evacuation, how to safely direct persons towards fire exits and places of safety, how to search rooms and areas safely, how to open doors (while searching) in the correct manner, how to provide assistance to persons that are less able and possibly additional fire extinguisher practical training.

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how many people will be on the course? Also what are your covid precautions?

Open courses are limited to 18 persons to ensure social distancing. We do not place a limit on numbers for in house courses but do ask clients to prepare appropriate social distancing.

Covid precautions for fire warden training and fire extinguisher training are:

• Check temperature on arrival
• Seating 2 metres apart- 3 per row - 6 rows (open fire courses)
•Attendees must wear face masks 
•All persons to wear disposable vinyl gloves under our training gloves during practical exercises 
•All persons to wear sanitised safety glasses during CO2 exercises 
•We supply vinyl gloves and sanitiser
•Ask any person who develops COVID symptoms within 5 working days after the should inform managers and our team to initialise isolation and testing
If you have other queries about about course programme during the Pandemic, either call or email now.