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fire training corona virus

Fire training – Corona virus

Fire training – corona virus

Fire training corona virus advice: This short guide gives advice on what to do at your workplace during the current pandemic:

Are there less staff in the workplace? No – Continue with current fire evacuation plans and also disabled plans. Yes – Consider changing fire plans. A roll call may be appropriate if there are small numbers of staff.

Are all fire marshals and also fire wardens at work or are they working from home / self isolating? Less fire marshals – Provide some simple in house training for new fire marshals. About the same – Continue as usual, unless there a lot less staff at work, then a roll call may be better.

Are fire safety checks still be carried out? Fire alarms, emergency lighting, extinguishers and also other safety measures are vital to keep those in a building safe. These measures must be maintained and entered into the log book. If the person who normally does this is not at work, alternative requirements will be needed.

Less people at work? Carry out a fire drill, so any new temporary arrangements can be checked to see if they work.

Fire training corona virus – fire safety checks

For more advice about fire safety checks go to our sister website www.cityfiretraining.co.uk. This details a list of fire safety checks and also other advice:

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More info and advice

If you need more advice or information, why not give us a call. We will be happy to answer your calls and also emails. Our team can also look at any plans and procedures you produce.

Need training and don’t feel confident to do it? Why not take a look at our online fire marshal and fire extinguisher courses. Click this link for more details.