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fire extinguisher training November

Fire extinguisher training November

Fire extinguisher training November dates

Fire extinguisher training November dates can now be booked for on-site and also off-site training.

Have your staff have not had fire extinguisher training in the last year? The you should consider refresher training. Our courses can be delivered as classroom sessions and also include live fire training.

Fire extinguisher training November options

Our team can supply fire extinguisher training November sessions in different ways. Courses can run as classroom only , with classroom/ practical sessions and also short outside practical sessions only.

Persons on the course will receive an attendance certificate (up to max of 20 persons). For courses with more than 20 persons the organisation will receive a general training certificate.

How to book

Booking a course is so easy. Either email or call us with your preferred date. Once we have agreed a date and you also have sent your details and agreed our terms – your course is booked!

IFSM accredited training

City Fire Training is an accredited fire training provider. Therefore our courses can be changed to include plans and procedures.

The trainers are all fire service training and fire inspector personnel. With many years experience of fire fighting, fire safety visits and also fire training, CFT are perfect for your staff fire training needs.